shield wardrobe

Project Info

Date 2017
Place Chieti (CH)
Commission Private client
Typology Wardrobe
Materials and finishes Solid oak wood with lacquer finish

Project Description

A researcher from the USA bought herself a house in the hills of Chieti, her ancestor's hometown.

With new rooms all to be furnished, she decided to become our long-term client, entrusting us with the creation of some furniture developed around the evolution of the house.

For the bedroom wardrobe, smooth blockwood oak was used in combination with dark grey lacquered panels of the same material, placed in front on a protruding top. These panels have rectangular shapes with curved profiles furrowed by some lateral indentations. In the absence of handles, these features function as a "throat" (thus allowing to easily open and close each leaf).

The overall design appears sophisticated, dynamic and original.


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