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Project Description

MADEiz is a series of free meetings during which five professionals of 'making', design and craftsmanship, explain their work, present their work and projects, tell their experiences, lives, passions and future visions. The goal of this event is to give the opportunity to each participant to broaden his/her knowledge of the word and compare themselves with its professionals, and to safeguard and spread the culture of local know-how and craftsmanship. Therefore, the event targets professionals of the PMI sector, studentsprofessors and all those who share this passion, or who are simply curious about this immense and fascinating world. 

The following have adhered to this initiative:
Zidalab, creative reuse association; La Marchigiana, bags and handmade shoes; Silvia Picari, wooden sex toys; Truly Design graphic design; Fortress, Japanese games; Studio Tuta, graphic design; Bottonificio BonfantiAndrea Patrucco, maker; Bruno Shoemaker, handmade shoes; Batna, clothing; Solido Collettivo, design; Fablab for Kids, training; Felfil, manufacturers of plastic filaments for 3D printers; Mnmur, Upcycling design; Serigrafia Biri BiriLa Collinella, farm; Studio Elastico, product design; Jamais Sans Toi, jewelery.

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