PER.LA di Mirafiori

Project Info

Date 2018
Place Mirafiori, Torino
Commission Associazione Kallipolis

Project Description

The workshop conceived and coordinated by theKallipolis nonprofit organisation, addressed to a group of young inhabitants of the Mirafiori Sud district in Turin. It had the objective of promoting integration and the acquisition of new knowledge. The workshop is an opportunity to meet and collaborate through a training course aimed at rethinking and improving the places the youths occupy in their daily life. Additionally, the path is designed to investigate new work scenarios, particularly focusing on self-entrepreneurship for those who do not currently have projects in progress and are in a situation of economic precariousness.
The activities are managed with a participatory approach to the design of some common spaces (Casa del Mondo and the CPG of Strada della Cacce 36). The engaging co-design is based on the functional and cultural needs of the places, which increases the sense of belonging and responsibility for their care.
For the acquisition of skills, the young people followed basic courses of wood and metal working at Izmade and a course in wall decoration by Restyle e Restauri useful for realising the redevelopment of the above-mentioned spaces.


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