Izmade Project Manifesto


Our products are the result of the encounter between eco-sustainable materials and artisanal production processes. The design phase is characterized, on the one hand, by a constant research on materials, distinguishable in three categories: deriving from renewable resources, recovery; innovative and certified materials. On the other hand, it pays particular attention to the future disposal of the object, providing for disassembly methods that allow the different materials that compose it to be recycled separately.

Reproducible and unique

The type of production, similar to craftsmanship, and the use of eco-sustainable materials, characterize our products as exclusive, with details and peculiar characteristics that make each object different from the other.
All our objects can be customized in terms of colors, shapes and sizes, based on the indications that emerged during the "customer listening" process. Finally, collaboration with local artists and graphic designers makes it possible to customize the product by choosing graphics that will be applied by hand.


Our design process is based on the enhancement of the peculiarities of each material, both its origin and its original functions. To this are added the different cultural and artistic references, the knowledge and experiences of each individual designer, who transmits European and contemporary influences to the product. The result is an object with its own story, which can be told.

Shape, color, function

During the design phase, Izmade takes into account both aesthetical and functioning factors. We do this by balancing the lightness generated by the relationship between form and color, and the solidity of the object. The care taken over the details and finishings means that even the roughest materials are ennobled and able to convey all the passion we put into creating our products.

Izmade is a social enterprise!

  • Renewable electricity
  • Consumer and ecological products
    From material of certified or recycled origin
  • Recycling
  • Reuse and recycling of construction materials
  • Professionalism and fairness
  • Safe working environment
  • We share and apply democratic methods in decision-making processes
  • Our code of ethics
  • Declaration of non-discrimination
  • A hired political refugee
  • Neighborhood services
  • Baby friendly (feeding room, changing table)
  • Mostly local materials and suppliers
  • Team building
  • Shared kitchen for customers and employees
  • Sharing MakerSpace spaces and knowledge
  • Voluntary services
  • Participatory planning co-design
  • Start-up incubation
  • Social workshops in spaces and communities
  • We prefer the use of electric means of transport