Izlab MakerSpace

Our work space is the hybridization between a design studio and a craft workshop, between a workshop and an architecture studio.

Izlab Maker Space is open to the public

Spaces, some tools and materials are available to enthusiasts, designers, makers and in general to anyone who needs a space to make or repair something.
Scopri gli orari e costi e le macchine e utensili che puoi usare!


Opening time

This is the opening time: https://www.izmade.com/contatti/ (Izlab is open Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 1 pm and from 2:30 pm to 7pm).

If you are able to work independently, you can also work during the lunch break (from 1 pm to 2,30 pm).

Maximum entry time

You should enter before 6 pm.


Access mode

To access the MakerSpace you must fill in the information form (you can find the form here, or we supply it directly to you in the study).

If you are competent or you have a simple job you can go to the lab and work.
If you have any doubts, before starting we advise you to book a quick consultation.


To access the MakerSpace it is not necessary to book, but it is better to call the day before to verify that our operators in the laboratory are not absent for deliveries.

Reservations are required for long, complex or large-scale work.


You can visit our study. Even groups and school classes can visit our spaces (in these cases it is better to notify us. You can contact us here).



The MakerSpace is equipped with a dressing room, heating and air conditioning in summer, PPE (personal protective equipment), Wi-Fi, kitchen and office to carry out design or managing jobs. All these services are included in the price.

You can also rent our truck (it isn't included in the price).

Equipment rental

Non affittiamo attrezzatura; è consentito utilizzarla solo all’interno del MakerSpace.



You can find some materials in our warehouse among the unused pieces (we evaluate the material at the cost price). You can also go Bricocenter hereabouts, you can bring it from home or find it from our supplierscontact us for more information).

For large supplies we can have the material delivered here, or transport it with our vehicles.


We don't use spray and powder paints: we only use water-based paints.
However, we can advise suppliers to contact for spray or powder paints.



You can pay in cash, with Cards, PayPal, Satispay or with your Izcard.

Discounts and subscriptions

There are no agreements, but for extended work periods we make small discounts.
For very long periods of work (months) we can evaluate a subscription.



2.50 €/hour.

The price includes the use of tools and some electric devices.

Consultations and Labor

7 €/15 min.

We are available for design consultancy on materials, purchases and technological solutions.
The workforce includes all the work on complex tools and machines.

Storage area


Couldn't finish your job? You can leave materials and your almost-finished products in Izlab MakerSpace.

Using the wire welding machine

3.50 €/hour.

The price includes spaces and consumables.

Numerical control milling machine

30 €/hour.

The price includes the verification in the file, the milling and a first sanding.
Cutting material is excluded.


Users who have access to the MakerSpace

People who want to manufacture or repair an object, makers, designers and craftsmen can access the lab.


Underages can access the MakeSpace accompanied by a parent or tutor, or they can enter alone after completing the information form by a parent or a tutor.

Sale of own items

You can make items and then sale them. We often host makers, artists and artisans (such as Silvia Picari, Monica Taverniti and Fortress).

We can also offer consultations for incubation and business support.



You can use all machines except the squaring machine, the planer and the band saw. For making cuts and planing, you need the labor of an operator (these machines, therefore, cost 7€/ 15 min).

It is possible to weld and use carpentry tools.


It isn't possible to use this tool freely, except after performing the CNC course and after a short period of coaching with us.

If you have already used a CNC and you are able to generate Gcode files with a CAM, you will still need a quick advice on approaching our machine.

Per saperne di più, consulta questa pagina.

Joinery tools

Carpentry tools