Our work space is the hybridization between a design studio and a craft workshop, between a workshop and an architecture studio.

Izlab Maker Space is open to the public

Spaces, some tools and materials are available to enthusiasts, designers, makers and in general to anyone who needs a space to make or repair something.
Find out the schedules and costs and the machines and tools you can use!

Spaces usage

2.50 €/hour

The price includes the use of instruments and some electric tools.

Consultations and Labor

7 €/15 min

We are available to design consultations on materials, purchases and technological / construction solutions.
The workforce includes all the work on complex tools and machines.

Storage area


Couldn't finish your job? You can leave materials and your semi-finished products in Izlab MakerSpace.

Using the wire welding machine

3.50 €/hour

The price includes the use of spaces and consumables.

Numerical control milling machine

30 €/hour

The price includes the verification in the file, the milling and a first sanding.
Cutting material is excluded.

Joinery tools

Carpentry tools