Course on wooden unions

Course on wooden unions


Izlab MakerSpace hosts the course on wooden unions, by Andrea Terzuolo.
During the two meetings participants will work on three different unions: biscuit and dowel joinery and Festool Domino




Izlab MakerSpace hosts Andrea Terzuolo course,
dedicated to wooden unions by means of inserts such as biscuit and dowel joinery and Domino.






During the two or four meetings (two evening or one weekend), participants will know three types of union and their main differences in terms of structural strength, ease and speed of use, cost of tools and accessories.

All materials are included and supplied by Izmade.







The topics of the theoretical-practical course will be:

Use of the lamellator or biscuit
Various sizes of slats 10/20/30 mm
Flat joints
Orthogonal junctions
Inclined joints

Use of the pin
Drill press
Hand drill with drilling template
Portable lopping machine

Use of the Festool Domino
Tenon technique reported
Calculation of correct execution tolerances
Specific uses, such as junctions of heads on small elements ...

Use of various templates for direct jointing with screws






For any information and question please, fell free to contact us.

By or telephone Giuseppe: 348 8203786 | Alessandro: 328 4838858​


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