Fixture course

Fixture course


Fixture course in Turin. The course is hosted at Izlab MakerSpace within the Ex–Incet compendium.
The theoretical–practical lessons concern the knowledge of home electrical and plumbing fixtures, from small creations to safe maintenance.
The course will finish with the construction of a lamp made with hydraulic pipes.
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Izlab MakerSpace hosts the course dedicated to understanding,
construction and maintenance of home electrical and plumbing fixtures.







During the three meetings from 7pm to 9pm, participants will know everything about fixtures.

Ad esempio:
Per unire due tubi è meglio il teflon o la canapa? Che differenza c’è tra i tubi di rame, ghisa e zincati? Quali sono gli standard in pollici dei tubi? Dove e come comprare il materiale idraulico? Ma alla fine cosa sono i watts, volts, ampere, ohms? 1,2,3 fasi e 110, 220 e 380 Volt che numeri sono? Quali sono i colori dei cavi e cosa rappresentano? Ho sempre voluto usare il tester, ma come?

In other words, it is a basic course only for hobbyists.







In the practical phase of the course, all participants will build their own lamp made using hydraulic hoses.

All materials are included in the course price.






For any information and question please, fell free to contact us.

By or telephone Giuseppe: 348 8203786 | Alessandro: 328 4838858​




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