Cnc service

Numerical Control Milling Machine

The services we offer with the Cnc

Izmade within Izlab MakerSpace, through design skills and the CNC, is able to offer the following services:

3D object design and its engineering for CAD/CAM

Verification and control of the vector file for cutting

Vectorizing raster images

Various processing after cutting (sanding, assembly, painting)

Milling machine

The machine is an A.M.MA. 3-axis and the maximum cutting dimensions are 1100 mm (x), 1800 mm (y), 135 mm (z).

Types of milling cutters

We tend to use flat cutters, chipbreakers, ballnose and letterheads.
In the case of the realization of a specific project, special cutters can be purchased.


The CNC machinable materials are:

  • soft wood, hard wood and wood derivatives such as MDF and plywood;
  • plastics such as Plexiglass, PE, PP, PVC;
  • non-ferrous metal alloys such as brass and copper;
  • composite materials such as linoleum.


Within our space we have collected a collection of samples made with the CNC. Our material library is made up of elements on which different types of cuts have been made on different materials.

Build a project
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