Izmade is a design studio and much more

Interior and furnishings

Izmade has been carrying out high-quality design projects for companies and individuals for years: made-to-measure furnishings and customized fittings, thanks to a team of highly qualified professionals.


The company, as a social enterprise, pursues purposes of common benefit, operating in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards people, communities, the territory and the environment, cultural and social assets and activities, bodies and associations and other stakeholders. The company carries out a stable and main activity of general interest for the pursuit of civic, solidarity and social utility purposes, without profit.


We want to allow everyone to live in special spaces and enjoy furnishings designed and built together, for their own home whether it is home or work. Diverging is our main character, but what matters is your idea. So what makes you happy?

our team

Izmade is made up of a team of architects, designers and makers who, thanks to their skills, collaborate together giving life to Izmade’s unique furnishings.

Izmade,a social enterprise

Izmade carries out education and instruction services aimed at preventing early school leaving and combating educational poverty, as well as cultural activities of social interest with an educational purpose.

Izlab Makerspace

Our workspace is the hybridization between a design studio and an artisan workshop, between a workshop and an architecture studio. Izlab makerspace is open to the public!

Our courses

Izmade opens the doors of its laboratory in Turin and organizes courses and mini workshops for processing training

a Izcard

Izcard is a gift card with which you can buy courses, products, credits for Izlab MakerSpace and all the furniture and fittings you want.