Izmade is much more than a company specialized in the furniture and interior design sector, it is a social enterprise and the meeting between an architecture studio and an artisan laboratory. Born from three founding partners, today it boasts a heterogeneous team of collaborators including architects, designers and makers, and a bustle of interns and trainees from all over the world.

Founding members

Alessandro Grella

Founding Partner, Architect, PHD

He has collaborated as a researcher on topics related to the territory and its planning at universities and research institutes. He is the founder of Izmo, an association of participatory design and self-construction. He was a lecturer at St. John International University and currently teaches at the IAAD. In Izmade he deals with design and communication. He is a co-founding partner of Plastiz SRL.

Pasquale Onofrio

Founding Partner, Designer

Graduated in Industrial Design at the Second University of Naples and specialized in Food Design at the IED in Rome. The great passion for the design process led him to collaborate with important design studios. His activity focuses on the practice of reuse, sustainability and participatory elaboration, applied to design. To date he teaches at the IAAD and is a co-founding partner of Izmade and Plastiz SRL.

Giuseppe Vinci

Founding Partner, Architect

He obtained a degree with dignity of the press from the Politecnico of Turin, with a thesis on the use of a second subject. He wins the call for Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation organized by the M.I.U.R. as responsible for the investigation and creator of the D.I.A. Since 2018 he is legal representative and employer of Izmade IS Srl. He is co-founding partner of Plastiz SRL.

Paolo Martino

Partner, Maker

After graduating as an industrial electromechanical expert, he obtained a further qualification as a technician for the maintenance of rolling stock. He began his professional career by working for several electrical design studios. Inspired by his father, he chooses to enter the world of craftsmanship and metalworking, becoming a partner and maker of Izmade and Plastiz SRL.


Sofia Luda


He graduated in Product Design at the Politecnico of Turin. During her studies she collaborated as a trainee for Fablab, a Turin association with which she established a partnership that still involves her in the “Fablab for kids” project. From Izmade she plays an active role, as a designer in the executive design and management of the numerically controlled milling machine (CNC).

Giovanni Antona

Set Designer, Maker

Passionate about cinema, he graduated from Dams. Over time he develops a particular interest in scenography and its manufacture, This leads him to approach the world of craftsmanship and design. He enrolls in the San Carlo Schools and begins an internship at Izmade, where he hones his skills and joins the team as a carpenter and set designer.

Margherita Arsieni


Currently student of Architecture at the Politecnico of Turin. During her studies she undertakes the curricular internship with Izmade from which she begins a professional collaboration. Her greatest passion has always been that of drawing and painting to represent reality and the spaces that surround it. Today you are in charge of the design.

Andrea Jean


Simultaneously with the study he has refined skills and gained experience in the family carpentry. At the Politecnico of Turin he studied Product Design and began an internship at Izmade, continuing his professional career in the field of carpentry in the company.

Amadin Efosa


He arrived in Italy when he was twenty and immediately began to pursue his passion for craftsmanship, collaborating with various companies. He met the Izmade reality during a company project, where he immediately shared the values and the corporate spirit. Today he works as a carpenter and carpenter.

Gaia Paganoni


Initially, she studied Intercultural Communication at UNITO. Inspired by her artisan father, she decides to change direction. She enrolls in the San Carlo Schools, through which she meets Izmade. She arrives as a trainee and then takes a permanent place in the workshop and carpentry.

Chiara Goia


Graduated in Architecture for sustainable project at the Politecnico of Turin. During her studies she is active in the world of university associations. She meets Izmade thanks to an internship carried out in 2019. She returns to the company in 2021, where she now deals with design.

Fabrizio Mantello


From an early age he came into contact with the world of craftsmanship thanks to his grandfather carpenter. He approaches the world of information technology and follows several hand making courses, in particular a carpentry course in Saluzzo. Between shavings and sawdust he began his experience at Izmade as a trainee, and then stopped definitively in the carpentry shop.

Raphael Theotonio


Having obtained the Tig welding license, he engages in the study of forging at Mastro Corradin, a well-known wrought iron workshop in Turin and is especially passionate about making bicycle frames. He arrives in Izmade by chance, looking for a space to rent, but remains and becomes an indispensable pillar in metal carpentry.

Sabrina Pappadà


Graduated in accounting, she has always been involved in accounting and administration. She worked for more than 12 years in a non-profit association, as an administrative employee, before meeting Izmade. She signs up for the newsletter, impressed by the dynamism of the company and joins the team as administrative and accountant.

Jacopo Margaglia

Social Media Manager, Content Creator

Enrolled in the last year of Design and Visual Communication with product address at the Turin Politecnico. Jacopo is passionate about photography and has individually followed several videoartist and videomaking projects. Coming from Izmade as an intern, today he is Social Media Manager and Content Creator.

Martina Bunino


Graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin, she specializes with a master in construction and city. She launches herself into a sea of experiences around the world, such as a workshop in Shanghai and Beirut and Genoa’s San Rocco Summer School in Mallorca. She worked in an experimental architecture studio in Madrid before to met Izmade. She is now in the design business.

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