Vermoutheria Peliti’s

Project Info

Date 2023
Place Torino
Typology Locale
Materials and finishes Ferro e legno

Project Description

Izmade realized Filippo Camedda’s dream by setting up a space at the Murazzi del Po that hosts the new Vermoutheria Peliti’s.

Exploiting the arch to recreate the interior of a Gothic cathedral kept us involved on site: iron plates and plates were custom shaped on site, following the radius of curvature of the vault and accommodating the bumpy shapes of the bricks. Along the uprights are cherry wood shelves and related curved metal bottle holders. At the top, laser-cut sheets describe the dome, letting the details of the printed and backlit plexiglass shine through.

The structure, which is more than nine meters high, takes advantage of the height of the space by enhancing its original form: as you enter, you cannot help but look up.

Art direction: Filippo Camedda
Design and architectural transformation: Officine 8a
Prototyping and realization: Izmade

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