Basic course of CNC

Basic course of CNC


Basic course for the use of the CNC in Turin. The course is hosted at Izlab MakerSpace within the Ex-Incet compendium. The theoretical-practical lessons concern the knowledge of the numerical control milling machine, the design software, for the generation of the Gcode and for the management of the machine.


Course description

The basic course CNC – CNC milling machine
consists of 3 lessons of 2 hours.


Classes start at 19:00and finish at 21:00.

The cost is 60 €





The topics of the three theoretical-practical lessons are:
• Conoscenza della fresatrice, delle sue componenti e le sue potenzia• Knowledge of the milling machine, its components and its potentiallità
• Use of two software for design and generation of the Gcode
• Use of the machine management software and cutting launch




Here is one of the many examples of objects that you can make.

This smartphone holder was created in collaboration with the Cooperative Segni Di Integrazione Piemonte.





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