Fresco course and wall finishes

Fresco course and wall finishes

Izlab MakerSpace hosts Michela Nardin’s course in Turin, dedicated to all wall finishes and specifically the fresco technique.
Participants will know the differences between fresco, medium fresco, lime paint and tempera, up to the creation of a supporting plaster, the transfer of the drawing on fresh plaster and the execution of the painting.

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Course description

Izlab MakerSpace hosts Michela Nardin‘s course,
dedicated to all wall finishes and specifically the fresco technique.





First meeting

Introduction and presentation of the teacher and the course;
Historical notes and definitions: fresco, half fresco, lime and tempera painting on plaster;
Presentation of the materials and tools used for the masonry works;
Outline of the chemical-physical process of carbonation;
Brief notes on marmorino stucco;
Carry-over techniques of the drawing and execution techniques.

Individual choice of the subject and facilitation with drawings available;
Drawing, elaboration of the 1: 1 scale sketch on paper;
Carry-over tests of the drawing on ready-made plaster;
Choice and preparation of colors.

Second meeting

Realization of the support plaster;
Transfer of the drawing on fresh plaster;
Execution of painting.

All materials are included and provided by Izmade.







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