Basic carpentry and welding course

Basic carpentry and welding course


Light carpentry course in Turin. The course is hosted at Izlab MakerSpace within the Ex-Incet compendium. The theoretical-practical lessons concern the knowledge of ferrous materials and in particular of steel, the use of drawing and measurement equipment, power tools, construction techniques of joining such as welding and types of finishing.


Course description

The basic carpentry and welding course is organized every two months.

It consists of 4 lessons of 2 hours.

Classes start at 19:00and finish at 21:00.

The cost is60€


The topicsof the theoretical-practical lessons are:

Theory:knowledge of ferrous and non-ferrous materials
Practice: folding
Theory:Use of drawing and measuring equipment and power tools
Practice: Cutting and welding
Theory: Assembly construction techniques and types of union
Practice:Threading and welding
Theory:Types, techniques and finishing materials
Practice: Wax finishing and finishing the object



This is the object you will make!



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