Solid wood processing course

Solid wood processing course


Izlab MakerSpace hosts the advanced carpentry course held by Andrea Terzuolo, dedicated to the processing of solid wood.
During the meetings, participants will learn about wood, tools, processes and will approach the creation of a stool by applying the main construction methods.


Course description

Izlab MakerSpace hosts Andrea Terzuolo’s course, dedicated to solid wood processing.








During the meetings the participants will get to know the wood, the tools, the processes and will approach the realization of a stool thus applying the main construction methods.

All materials are included and provided by Izmade.







Did I understand well that a stool will be made at the end?
Yes, a stool will be made.
Registration open until when?
Registrations are accepted up to 4/5 days before the start of the course.
Is there a limit on enrollments or a minimum limit under which the course is not carried out?
Yes, the minimum number is 6 and there is a maximum of 8.
What tools are used?
Band saw, planer and thicknesser, squaring machine, Lamello biscuit machine, Domino Festool, all the other tools and power tools typical of carpentry.
Are there any notions regarding the types of wood to be used?
During the course the theoretical notions on wood and specifically on the essences used will be deepened: beech wood and lime wood.







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