Solid wood course

Solid wood course


Izlab MakerSpace hosts the course of Andrea Terzuolo, dedicated to the processing of solid wood.
During the five meetings the participants will know the wood, the tools, the workings and they will approach the realization of a stool applying the main construction methods.
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Izlab MakerSpace hosts Andrea Terzuolo's course, dedicated to solid wood processing.








During lessons participants will know wood, tools and processing and they will approach the creation of a stool.

All materials are included and supplied by Izmade.







At the end a stool will be made. Did I get it right?
Yes, a stool will be made.
Registration open until when?
Registrations are accepted up to 4/5 days before the course starts.
Is there an entry limit or a minimum limit under which the course is not completed?
Yes, the minimum number is 6 members and a maximum of 8.
What tools are used?
Band saw, planer with thickness and thickness, squaring machine, Lamello biscuit, Festool Domino, all the other tools and electric tools typical of joinery.
Are they given notions regarding the types of wood to be used?
During the course we will deepen the theoretical notions about wood and specifically about the essences used: beech wood and linden wood.






For any information and question please, fell free to contact us.

By or telephone Giuseppe: 348 8203786 | Alessandro: 328 4838858​




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