Wood turning course

Wood turning course


Basic Turning course in Turin. The course is hosted by Izlab MakerSpace within the Ex-Incet complex.
Le lezioni sono tenute da Giovanni Antona, durante la lezione verranno apprese le tecniche di intaglio e modellazione del legno.
Al termine del corso i partecipanti porteranno a casa un macinapepe tornito e assemblato da loro stessi.
  • Fine ottobre
  • Inizio ottobre
  • Ottobre (weekend)
  • December




The lessons are both theoretical and practical.
Each participant will face individually, on a dedicated lathe, the realization of his object.






The theoretical and practical topics are listed below.

Theory: definitions and components of the lathe,
presentation of turning tools (how they are used and why they work and their sharpening), the materials to be turned,
lathe safety (DPI, correct practices and how to approach the lathe)

Project and "Revision" of the project of the object to be turned

Practice: displacement, modeling, excavation, sanding, finishing






Lessons are taught by Giovanni Antona

All tools and material to be turned are included in the course.







For any information and question please, fell free to contact us.

By emailinfo@izmade.com or telephone Giuseppe: 348 8203786 | Alessandro: 328 4838858​




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Fine ottobre, Inizio ottobre, Ottobre (weekend), Dicembre