Blade sharpening course

Blade sharpening course


Blade sharpening course in Turin. The course is hosted at Izlab MakerSpace within the Ex-Incet compendium.
The course is hosted at Izlab MakerSpace within the Ex-Incet compendium.
Theoretical-practical course of sharpening with water grinder, with water stones and sharpener.


Course description

The lessons are held by Alessandro Campanella, a designer and maker who has long been passionate about the world of cutlery.




Teoretichal-practical lessonswill be dedicated
​To the world of knives, scissors and various types of chisels.

The topicsaddressed will be:

• description of the objects to be sharpened and their parts
• characteristics of the materials of the instruments
• types and methods of sharpening
• sharpening with water wheel
• sharpening with water stones
• sharpening with flintlock





The course is organized in collaboration with the Alexanderand Bufalo brand.





Participants are required to bring a kitchen knife with them during lessons, preferably with a blade of about 15 cm in length, in order to be able to practice sharpening themselves.








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