Plant engineering course

Plant engineering course


Home implants course in Turin. The course is hosted at Izlab MakerSpace within the Ex-Incet compendium.
The theoretical-practical lessons concern home electrical and plumbing systems. From small projects to safe maintenance.
The course will end with the construction of a lamp made with hydraulic pipes.


Course description

Izlab MakerSpace hosts the course dedicated to understanding,
rconstruction and maintenance of household electrical and plumbing systems.




During the three meetings from 19:00 to 21:00 the participants will know everything they have been wondering so far.

For exemple:
Is Teflon or hemp better to join two pipes? What is the difference between copper, cast iron and galvanized pipes? What are the inch standards for pipes? Where and how to buy plumbing material? But what are watts, volts, amps, ohms in the end? 1,2,3 phases and 110, 220 and 380 Volt what numbers are they? What are the colors of the cables and what do they represent? I’ve always wanted to use the tester, but how?

In other words, it is a basic course for hobbyists only.







In the practical phase of the course, all participants will build their own lamp made with the use of hydraulic pipes.

All materials are included in the course price.






For any questions or informationwe are at your disposal.



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